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A thorough introduction to the fundamental concepts of sound fiberglass boat construction practices and basic structural calculations.


“Thank you, I really enjoyed the course [BC 401 Fiberglass Boat Design & Construction]. From a boat building perspective, and being in the industry for 30+ years, I thought that the curriculum was well written and covered some very important topics. Thanks again for everything.”


Charlie Reeves - 2011

Director, Lamination Quality & Processes

Brunswick Recreational Boat Group

Knoxville, TN



Course No.: BC 401

This course focuses on current information on fiberglass and related boatbuilding materials, and the best techniques for using them. Topics covered include: reinforcement fibers, resin systems, core materials, mold construction, production facility requirements, boatbuilding methods, elements of strength of materials, laminate design, assembly of components, and design examples.


NOTE: This course includes lessons in Westlawn’s Elements of Technical Boat Design course, and also in the full Yacht & Boat Design Program.


Prerequisite: Elementary drafting & knowledge of descriptive terminology used in boat construction. A computer with reliable Internet access and email is required.


Number of Lessons: An 11-lesson course that can be completed in about forty-five hours of study.

Materials & Service: Instructor services, Westlawn textbooks, and study guide.

Tuition Fee: $4,500 plus $100 per month enrollment fee.

Award: Certificate of Completion.



Westlawn’s Fuel Systems For Boats, Metal Corrosion in Boats and Elements of Technical Boat Design



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