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Detailed discussion of the concepts important for cost-effective and reliable methods of building fiberglass boats for mass production.


Course No: BC 402

The methods employed in series production differ greatly from those used in custom or one-off building. This course examines assembly line techniques used by boat manufacturers to design and build a series of boats quickly and efficiently.


Topics include: Mass production concepts, modular construction, balanced work stations, construction documentation, component storage, transportation and distribution of product, jigging, installation of deck and cabin liners, stringers, bulkheads, common installation problems and how to avoid them, computer-aided manufacturing.


Prerequisite: Knowledge of descriptive terminology used in boat construction. A computer with reliable Internet access and email is required.


Number of Lessons: A 6-lesson course that can be completed in about twenty-five hours of study.

Materials & Service: Instructor services, Westlawn textbooks, and study guide.

Time Allowed to Complete: six months

Tuition Fee: Tuition Fee: $4,500 plus $100 per month enrollment fee.

Award: Certificate of Completion



Westlawn’s Elements of Technical Boat Design course


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