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Crew safety and comfort are critical factors in effective boat design. This unique course covers the considerations required for attractive, ergonomically sound, and practical passenger and crew accommodations. Ideal for both interior designers and naval architects and marine engineers who need to gain increased understanding of accommodation design.


Course No: ID 201C

This course offers a comprehensive review of ergonomic and aesthetic considerations in boat interior design, general arrangement, and layout, with a specific focus on design implications of the latest manufacturing materials, methods and structures. Central to the offering is a complete, newly published textbook written by the noted designer Lisa Hix.


Interiors and Arrangements meets a critical need within the marine industry for detailed, updated instruction on the disciplines of interior design. Among key design issues cited are physical access, storage, stairway and lighting design, berth, galley, dining and head layouts. What distinguishes the accompanying text from others is that Ms. Hix never loses sight of physical imperatives—wave motion, heeling, drainage, ventilation and vessel structure—as factors in determining a boat’s interior spaces.


The exceptionally well-researched text discusses design implications of new materials, composites and components, with all sources fully referenced in a complete bibliography. The result is a learning tool that designers can use immediately to create more functional and comfortable boats.


As a stand-alone course of study, Interiors and Arrangements is intended for marine design professionals seeking to complement existing skills, and for new students planning a specialized career in marine interior design.


NOTE: Substantial portions of this course are included in Westlawn’s larger Yacht Design Lite course and also in the full Yacht Design Program.


Prerequisite: Strong manual drafting or CAD skills and knowledge of descriptive terminology used in boat construction. A computer with reliable Internet access and email is required.


Number of Lessons: This is a design-thesis challenge course, which can be completed in about 150 hours of study.

Materials & Service: Instructor services, Westlawn textbooks, and study guide.

Time Allowed to Complete: six months

Tuition Fee: Tuition Fee: $4,500 plus $100 per month enrollment fee.

Award: Certificate of Completion


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