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Professional Diploma Program in Yacht Design Through Guided Distance Study

Yacht Design enables students to master the principles of design based on the fundamentals of small craft naval architecture and marine engineering.

The program consists of 38 lessons divided into four modules (see syllabus below). Instruction covers both custom design methods and design for series production. Design projects focus on production boats while engineering modules teach structural requirements.

The subjects are covered in 24 text books, study plans, and other materials that are sent to you at the beginning of each module. The tuition fee includes the cost of these materials. Westlawn instructors will provide you with the guidance you need to become proficient in each subject. They will also critique your course work professionally and provide additional instruction as needed.

Yacht Design prepares students for careers as professional yacht designers with production boat building companies, independent design firms, and as self-employed yacht designers in private practice.


Module 1: Principles of Yacht Design

Introduction to Yacht Design
Basic Mathematics
Introduction to Hydrostatics
Principles of Resistance
Stability Part 1
Design Practicum
Stability Part 2
Introduction to Marine Drafting
Drawing of Lines
Module 1 Examination

Module 2: Aesthetics/Utilization of Design

Exterior Design
Interior Design
Design Practicum
High Speed Power Boats Design
Sailboat Design
Design Practicum
Multihull Design
Module 2 Examination

Module 3: Construction Methods

Wood Boat Construction
Design Practicum
Fiberglass Boat Construction Part 1
Fiberglass Boat Construction Part 2
Design Practicum
Fiberglass Boat Building - Production Methods
Aluminum Yacht Design & Construction
Introduction to Computer Aided Yacht Design
Module 3 Examination

Module 4: Systems and Equipment

Marine Engines
Propulsion Systems
Electrical Systems
Systems & Equipment
Professional Practice
Final Examination