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Bosun Garvey
A 20-Foot Plywood Garvey
By Westlawn Director, Dave Gerr
Garveys are traditional workboats from the
New Jersey shore. They have great stability,
large carrying capacity, and high speed for a
given power. This 20-footer is of tape-seam
sheet plywood construction, glued with epoxy
and sheathed with glass. Like most garveys,
Bosun Garvey
makes an ideal workboat or
fishing boat. The unique garvey hull form is
shown in the lines drawing below.
Richard Groene built the
Bosun Garvey
tured here for his own use, and did a very nice
job of finishing her off with varnish trim and a
fine paint job. Many garveys are pure work-
boats, and
could have been finished
workboat plain.
Shoal draft and beachable, garveys are ideal
thin-water boats.
Bosun Garvey
is at home
amid the rushes, reeds, and mud flat yet still
able along the coast in rough going.
LOA: 20 ft. - 2 in.
DWL: 16 ft. - 5 in.
Beam: 6 ft. - 3 in.
Draft (hull): 0 ft. - 5 in.
Speed: 21 knots with 40 hp
26 knots with 60 hp
35 knots with 120 hp
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