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Westlawn alumnus
Richard McBride 
is the 
principal designer at McBride Design. His ca‐
reer in boat design has evolved from a series 
of practical working experiences ‐ work on fish‐
ing boats, as a contractor on major (and re‐
mote) road construction projects, as a deer‐
culler, miner, cattle musterer and even a dog 
handler/photographer in Antarctica. Add to 
that Richard's experience as a solo round‐the‐
world yachtsman in the very first boat he built, 
City of Dunedin
, and you have a very prac‐
tical thinker and problem solver. The long days on 
a boat, alone in a huge ocean, reinforced the importance of planning and 
attention to detail. "I spent hours feeling the way the water moved around 
that boat, pondering little changes I could make right away, and bigger 
things I might do differently the next time around. Boat design is all about 
constant review ‐ listening to what the current boats are telling you, think‐
ing about how to improve each little thing." 
McBride Design is located in the Port of Nelson New Zealand, near the 
Nelson marina with its broad range of pleasure craft, and fishing port 
with its busy wharves serving deep sea, inshore and sheltered water 
fisheries. From the office, we can smell the sea, see and hear the cranes 
working on the port, and see across to the shipyard. 
Over the years, McBride Design has worked on a range of different craft, 
from big motor launches to runabouts, fishing or rescue boats right 
through to yachts designed for fast and fun sailing. Although there are huge 
differences in style, they all embody our philosophy of strength and per‐
formance. We expect every one of our designs to perform up with the best 
vessels of their type. 
McBride Design is a small company in which each boat is designed precisely  
Northern Quest 
30m x 8.2m marine 
farming vessel 
62T light displ 
100T cargo capacity 
1200 hp 
17.5 knots light 
Structure (Right) 
is a 26‐meter wooden motor 
yacht, designed by McBride and Built 
by Carey’s Boatyard in Picton. She has
twin engines and dynamic stabilizers. 
was designed for cruising o
‐shore ‐ which is exactly what she is 
doing. When we last heard from her 
owners they were cruising in the Sol
mon Islands.