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From: James Lombard
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 5:11 AM
Hello Norman,
It was really very nice to hear from you! Especially because you did not tell me to erase anything.
After high school, I attended the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston with the idea of using it as a pre-requisi
for veterinary college so that I could follow in my uncle's footsteps.
After four years of study with only one year to go, I finally took a look at my grades and realized that it would be impossi
to get accepted at veterinary college with that GPA. You see Norman, with 70,000 college students in Boston at the tim
there was a party somewhere every night, and I do not think that I missed a single one of them.
Not wanting to make a profession as a pharmacist I dropped out with caprice.
I then decided to follow my second passion—boatbuilding and design. So, I enrolled in Westlawn.
I took a job with Sabre Yachts in South Casco, Maine and worked in the teak interior construction department known as
"Hull." I loved the work yet it was keeping me from my Westlawn studies. So I asked for a part time position. I was told
no one has ever worked there part time. So I quit.
Two weeks later Roger Hewson, the company’s founder, called me and said that he heard that I was studying at Westla
and that he had an idea for me. Roger wanted to develop owner’s manuals for the then four Sabre models, the 28, 32,
and 38. There were no owner’s manuals in the industry to speak of at the time. I remember people stealing them at bo
shows, as other company’s wanted to copy the idea. He said that he could use my help illustrating the manuals and tha
could work part time! It went great.
Soon I was asked to do all of the company's drafting work for the boat designs. I became part of the seven-man design
team and went back to full-time hours. So no, I never did complete the entire Westlawn course. However the Westlawn
course got me exactly where I wanted to go, working for a big production company.
I soon was doing all the drafting, ad layout for a monthly full page ad in
Yachting, Sail
, &
Cruising World
magazines. As
as all of the brochure designs, and all of the marine photography, from the company’s power launch “Saber Dance.” Ho
ever I was kind of the black sheep of the design team because I really did not like sailboats, so at night I would go hom
and draw powerboats!
Sabre provided me with a wonderful back-
ground in every aspect of boat design,
boatbuilding and promotion.
It was all possible because of Westlawn.
I worked for Sabre Yachts, in South Casco,
Maine, for seven years beginning in 1980,
and then I road the crest of a current real
estate boom and sold my five lakefront
acres so that I could move to New York’s
Adirondack mountains and set up a Boat-
building business.
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