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My middle name is Anthony, and thus The James Anthony Powerboat Company was born.
I can remember being on Indian Lake in the Adirondack Mountains as a little boy fishing with my father out of his
little aluminum outboard. I heard this thunder coming down the middle of the lake and asked my father what it
could be. He said, “That is a mahogany speedboat Jimmy.” I was awestruck at the sight and the sound.
I initially designed and built a 21’ runabout. I would take these boats to the Newport and Annapolis boat shows, a
built several for some very important people who would simply take out their check books and write me a check. I
got to a point where the lead time to receive a new James Anthony was over one year.
I began to wonder if people were truly happy with their boats because their purchases seemed like impulse buyin
My fears vanished when I designed a new 27’ version and four of the
owners immediately sent me deposits
this new 27’ boat.
In time, as my two children came along, I had great concerns when the economy dipped. You see I never had any
financial backing and very little reserves.
So I decided to look into veterinary medicine again. I was accepted at a school in the West Indies, Ross University.
studied there for 3 years and did my final clinical year at N.C. State in Raleigh.
I squired away some student loan money over the years, and with a tiny down payment, I purchased an old veteri
hospital in the Finger Lakes one month after graduation.
I have been at it now for 11 years.
I used to be a frustrated veterinarian who build boats. Today I am a frustrated boatbuilder who is a veterinarian. G
So I have started designing again and have always maintained that I will someday build again, and this is what I a
working toward.
I finished another new design just today. It is off to Steve Davis the marine illustrator next week for him to do his
magic and breath another layer of life into her, as he did with my
I suggest that you wait until I receive this new design from Steve, he does not take long. And then you can also in-
clude her in
The Masthead
if you wish. She is a boat design for a specific concept that I have and I will describe it t
you when I send it. (Editors Note: James passed away while we were awaiting his design commentary.)
It would be my honor to be included in
The Masthead
In the mean time I have attached a photograph of
’s sistership,
. (See page 19)
Thank you.
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