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From: James Lombard
Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2009
October 13, 2009
Thank you for your interest in my work.
You asked me to tell you what my personal favorite boat was that I had designed and built.
That’s easy.
Through studying boat design at Westlawn, I gained unexpected life experience meeting people who I would have other
wise never met. I designed and built my
James Anthony
runabouts for a VP at Time Warner, The mayor of Louisville Ken
tucky, a president of Sax Fifth Avenue, a brilliant 30 year old Annapolis millionaire, a tough as nails personal injury atto
ney in Manhattan, a wonderful Annapolis architect, a jewelry Industry giant, a Heisman Trophy winner who gave his first
James Anthony 21
to Geraldo Rivera and then ordered a
James Anthony 27
. And also for a prominent hand surgeon for
private island in the Thousand Islands, on the St Lawrence River.
I also built a
James Anthony 21
for Adrian Zecha, the famous hotelier. Then, when I designed the
James Anthony 27
, he
ordered one by telephone from his home in Hong Kong. When it came time to begin building his boat, he would call me
all hours of the day and night, because he was, God only knows where in the world, with questions such as, “What color
you going to make my next boat James?”
The questions continued with regards to upholstery color, electronics, engine selection and so on. I soon realized that
Adrian figured that I was the boat designer and builder and he wasn’t. So therefore he simply assumed that I was in a b
ter position to make these decisions and he deferred all of the choices and decisions to me. I had the time of my life!
So I built for him the boat that I would build for myself.
Amanair II
was a black
James Anthony 27
with twin six-cylinder
Volvo diesel engines with Duo-Prop counter-rotating stainless-steel propellers. They drove this 10,000 lb. boat at an eas
52 MPH.
Attached is a photo of
Amanair II
during sea trials in the Adirondack Mountains prior to display at The Annapolis Power-
boat Show and subsequent shipment out of Baltimore Harbor to Singapore. She remains his personal boat at Amanpuri
Resort in Phuket, Thailand today, twenty years later.
James Anthony 27
Length: 27'-0"
Beam: 8'-0"