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Dear Westlawn Students, Alumni and ABYC Members:
As you have read in greater detail within this
issue of
The Masthead
, both Westlawn and
ABYC have great news to share with you. Westlawn has been awarded a significant grant f
at least the next three years for the purpose of offering scholarships to students, who are U.
citizens. The exact grant and scholarship amounts and the conditions of the program are
spelled out in the cover story of this issue. I want to personally thank Sallie Hamrick, the pr
dent of the Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation for making these funds available to Westlawn s
ABYC has also been awarded a grant of $55,000 in year one and at least an additional
$20,000 for years two and three from the Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation for the purpose o
supporting an ABYC-based high school marine technology program and marine center of excellence. ABYC h
elected to work directly with The Center of Applied Technology South (CAT South), an Ann Arundel County pu
secondary school in Edgewater, Maryland, to develop a model marine technology program that can be repli-
cated across the country. It is envisioned that CAT South will use ABYC’s secondary school curriculum guide-
lines, text, workbooks, system simulators and equipments using in-part the funds awarded under the grant.
Kathy and Jerry Wood were the founders of the first in-water sailboat show in the United States, which was
hosted in Annapolis, Maryland. Eventually, they worked to establish both the Annapolis Powerboat and Sail-
boat shows as two of the premier in-water shows in the United States. Kathy and Jerry also established the f
sailboat school on the Chesapeake Bay. After their passing, I was fortunate enough to rent their former hom
on the Back Creek for eighteen months, three blocks from the ABYC headquarters, before my wife and I mov
to the Chase Creek along the Severn River, in Arnold, Maryland.
Lastly, I want to inform you that after careful consideration by the ABYC Board of Directors and senior ABYC
staff, starting with the July 2010 edition, the primary means of accessing ABYC standards will be WebSTIR; t
24/7 online electronic format. All members will have access to WebSTIR on the ‘Members Only’ side of the
ABYC website. This decision was made after analyzing multiple factors including: ‘standards’ delivery trends
across industries and around the globe; set-up, printing, and processing costs for both paper and CD versions
and our environmental obligation to support and promote an eco-conscious business model. For Westlawn s
dents WebSTIR has always been your primary access method to the standards. However, in July you will no
have access to the newly formatted version of WebSTIR that, among other things, contains additional featur
and documents at no additional charge; such as the updated USCG’s Rules and Regulations, the USCG Com
ance Guidelines, the new EPA emissions regulations, and all the changes made in the ABYC Standards since
2003. Also, you’ll now be able to cut, paste and copy individual standards.
That’s about it from my end. Work and study hard, but also -- make sure you find time to enjoy the summer
with your family and friends. It’s all a balancing act!
Thanks for your time!
Skip Burdon
President, ABYC
ABYC’s Mission Statement 
The Council's mission is to develop quality technical practices and engineering standards for the design, constru
tion, maintenance and repair of small craft with reference to their safety.
The Council shall also disseminate these standards and be the principal source of related technical information
education for the marine industry.
Skip Burdon