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The 92-ft. sailing catamaran
is designed primarily as a modern
styled world cruiser with occasional racing in mind. This design can be
built both in composite and aluminum. The first boat is to be built of
composite materials. It is a very comfortable boat with flybridge and
accommodations for 14 people. 113-ft. carbon-fiber mast and 12-ft.
deep, high-aspect-ratio, retractable dagger boards combined with sate
of the art hull design will insure top-notch performance.
Ivan Erdevicki
Naval Architecture & Yacht Design
The 33- to 36-ft. custom tender is intended for large expedition megay-
achts. Designed to comply with the rules of nature rather than just clas-
sification-society rules, this boat is capable of surviving the most de-
manding and rigorous sea and wind conditions. It is a search and res-
cue (SAR) boat designed to save lives on the high seas. With seven wa-
tertight compartment, it will float even if you cut it in half!
The boat is under construction in aluminum to the highest standards
for workboats to comply with Lloyds G5 category. After months of de-
signing and analysis, in the end we came up with a very simple boat. It
is a straightforward deep-vee hull shape with 24-degree deadrise at the
transom. Two different power options are available for the same boat.
One is with Inboard diesel engines and jets, and the other one with
gasoline outboard engines. Power plants for both cases are based on
maximum 375 hp per engine or 435 hp per engine. Expected maxi-
mum speeds are up to 45 knots and cruising speeds of around 36
knots depending on propulsion configuration. The boat is self righting as
well, with capacity to safely carry 12 people on board.
Ivan Erdevicki
Naval Architecture & Yacht Design
4205 Musqueam Dr.,
Vancouver BC V6N 3R8 Canada
Phone: 604 7197475