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Volume 4, Issue 3
September 20
Inside This Issue
Volume 4, Issue 3
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Inside This Issue
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The Journal of the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
With a brilliant design, Westlawn student Jon Ames has won th
Professional Bo
design competition
wood category. It is Jon’s second succe
in a design competition in less than a year. (His power trimaran design was a fin
ist in th
Design Competition
in January 2010.) This c
tinues Westlawn student and alumni successes in design competitions. In additi
to Jon Ames’s two wins, these success include:
■ The 2008
Cruising World
design competition
Keimpe Reitsma, 1st runner
■ The 200
Camper & Nicholson/
Boat International
“New Concepts” compe
Ben Dodaarell winner in the 45 to 60 meter category
■ The 200
Blue Water Sailing
Doug Frolich, 1st prize, and
Charles Magnan honorable mention
Over the past ten years, Westlawn students and alumni have achieved individual
honors in more design competitions than the students and alumni of any other
Westlawn’s Students And Alumni Have Won More
Design Competitions Than Those From Any
Other School!
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