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family or group of friends, secure inside the high cockpit coaming, for sailing or dining. There is a generous
cockpit locker on each side. The port cockpit locker fits an Igloo cooler, while the starboard locker holds the
fuel tank for an outboard motor in the well behind the deckhouse. The third boat has an electric motor optio
The after part of the cockpit is open for stowing a folded inflatable dinghy and is private for sunbathi
and a good place to clean fish or use a Sun Shower. A transom door which can drop down to become a swim
ming platform with an attached ladder is an option. Tiller steering is standard and wheel steering is availabl
Interior: The cabin top has an optional sky-top that can be raised at anchor to give 6’-6” headroom througho
the main areas of the interior. This allows 360 degree visibility and excellent ventilation. The sides of the Sky
Top are Sunbrella with large, screened openings with roll-down, velcroed plastic windows.
Once below 6’-6” long settee/berths to port &
starboard are standard. There is fold-up table
on the starboard side. The galley is to port as
you enter the cabin. This slides away under
the cockpit when not in use. Hulls number two
and three have a different arrangement with a
fixed galley to port and the head opposite. The
settees then slide forward to the V-berth ring
frame, with a seat joining their forward ends,
and a table around the forward end of the cen-
terboard trunk. The top of the trunk is remov-
able and the 220-lb. board can be inspected
or removed from above if needed. A 5:1 tackle
leads to the engine box in the cockpit, handy
to the helm.
On Presto, the first hull, there is a
head to port forward of the saloon/galley
area, with a large canvas clothing locker, with
a hanging area opposite, to starboard. Cur-
tains fore and aft of this head & locker area
provide simple, lightweight privacy, and you can stand up in the open hatch to dress or command the harbor
Forward of the V-berth there is a watertight bulkhead which supports the foremast and makes for a
generous, open anchor locker, an idea we used for the Outward Bound 30s and liked.
Optional Engine Systems: While the boat doesn’t require a motor there are several options for mounting one
With the retractable outboard option, a 9.9 hp hi-thrust outboard is mounted in a well behind the cab
and can be lowered to power the boat. When down, a fairing above the cavitation plate closes off the well for
efficiency. When the outboard is raised by a tackle, a fairing below the outboard’s skeg makes for a flush hul
Engine controls are remotely located on the cockpit side in the conventional manner. The outboard’s alterna
charges the boat’s two 80 ah AGM batteries.
A second option is a Belmar electric motor, with power equivalent to a 9.9 hp gas outboard. This is lo
ered & raised like the gas engine.
A third option is a small, transom-hung outboard.
Deckhouse & Foredeck: To go forward from the cockpit you can either move down the narrow side-deck, wit
the low bulwark, holding onto the handrail on the deckhouse or, if weather is rough, go through the cabin an
get to the foremast or bow via the fore hatch. Another alternative is to step on the coaming up to the cabin
top and go forward that way with the sprit or wishbone as a hand hold.
Presto 30 by Rodger Martin
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