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The Sail Plan:
Square-topped sails work very efficiently when combined with a wishbone boom, almost as if they were mad
for each other. Wishbones are used for the powerful vanging effect needed to control the twist (power) of the
square-topped sails. They do not touch the masts, so they make for a very quiet sail, and rotate the masts in
their tubes as they are eased and trimmed. The sails can be eased forward of the beam to sail well by the le
Gybes (Jibes) are so quiet as to be almost unnoticed!
Downhaul and snotter (wishbone/outhaul control) lead
aft to the cockpit. This sail plan has 400 sq. ft. in the
main and fore. There are no winches. A staysail can be
set between the masts for added reaching power.
Why two masts? The two masts allow more maneuveri
and balance control than a sloop rig on any point of sai
and, when reefed, provide very stable steering. The fact
that the sails are small (185 and 215 sq. ft) (17.2 and
20 sq. m) and low, generates more driving power than
heeling force, which helps keep the boat on its feet. La
jacks are light three light lines on each wishbone, slun
from one side to the other. When the sail is dropped it
falls into these slings like a blind and that’s it! Ready f
sail covers. There is great virtue in looking at cruising ri
that derive from the common sense of work boats and
not mom and pop versions of racing sloops!
Centerboard & Rudder:
The Presto 30‘s fiberglass centerboard and rudder are essential to the safety and function of these
boats. The basic tenet is that if you can reduce the area of the sails (reef) the sails you should be able reduce
the area of the ‘keel.’ It is logical that when caught in unpredicted rough weather, as long as there is sea-roo
(or lake room) to leeward, partially lifting the centerboard to reduce its area will allow the boat to slide easily
to leeward without tripping over a deep-rooted fixed keel.
The board also makes these boats practical cruisers by
allowing easy launching and retrieval by trailer. It also
removes the stress of going aground; especially in
muddy or sandy areas. The board is lifted and lowered
by a 5:1 tackle with the tail coming to the cockpit.
The rudder has both up and down lines located
on the tiller.
The Presto 30 is ideal for sailors ranging from
novice to experienced. It is ideal for any sailor looking
for a fast, versatile 30’ boat and is particularly attractive
to kayakers, canoeists, board-and-kite sailors who want
to share the adventure with their families. The economy
of not being tied to a boat yard for launching, hauling,
maintenance or storage is a great attraction. The
8.5’ (2.6 m) beam means the boat is trailerable in all
Presto 30 by Rodger Martin
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