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50 states without permits, which opens up a variety of cruising
grounds unavailable to any other boat in its comfort and perform-
ance level. We’ve had Presto 30s sail at 12-13 knots frequently while
cruising and day sailing!
The rig makes ‘easy to sail’ an exaggeration for any sloop,
self-tacking or not.
The Presto 30 is a new interpretation of a classic sailboat for
an independent generation of sailors unencumbered by the trappings
of ‘yachting’ and its expensive, complicated, high-maintenance boats
requiring deep water docks and costly marina services
Rodger Martin
to learn more about Rodger Martin Design and the
boats that Rodger Martin Designs.
Presto 30 by Rodger Martin
Presto 30 is built by……..  
Ryder boats/Union River Boat Company 
89 Heritage Park Road  
Bucksport, ME 04416 
Phone: 207‐469‐9099 
Rodger Martin Design
Box 242
Newport, RI 02940 USA
Tel: 410 849 9850
Fax: 401 8499854
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Billy Black, Photographe