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Being offered a position as a full time contract designer for TOM FEXAS 
YACHT DESIGNS prompted us to open our yacht design office ‐ 
BOWDIDGE MARINE DESIGNS.  We began working on new luxury power 
boat designs by Fexas for companies such as Mikelson, Krogen, Morgan, 
Carmargue, designs whose length overall exceeded 55 ft or 17 metres.  
In Addition, we offer boat plans of my design (yacht designs, catamaran 
designs and power designs) in all sizes from the 12ft Mushulu Dinghy 
stitch and glue yacht tender to the Oceansky 57 catamaran. We design 
timber boats, plywood boats, strip plank boats, fiberglass composite 
boats, steel and aluminum boats to very modern styling for both 
monohull designs or multihull designs, powerboat or sailboat and in 
round bilge, multi‐chine or radius chine hull forms 
to learn more about Mark Bowdidge and the boats he        
Bowdidge Marine  Design  
Address: Bundaberg, QLD Australia 
Phone: (07) 4156 1708 
Skype username: markbowdidge 
Sportz 16
to visit Mark’s Boatbuil
ing Forum to see how  amateurs  buil
their dream boats from Mark’s plans. 
Client Peter Tupin builds 
a Bowdidge Mushulu 12