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fication as a condition of membership was 2007.
So what are the mechanics of Certification Program?
The NMMA Certification Program
The basis of the program is very simple: build your boat to applicable ABYC standards and U.S. regulations,
have your boat inspected by NMMA inspectors, correct all variances noted at the inspection, and build the re-
maining boats according to the “corrected” version. The builder must also use only NMMA Type Accepted co
ponents in a certified boat.
NMMA’s part of this contract is to provide builders with the necessary knowledge (through standards and se
nars) to build a certified boat, provide educated and certified NMMA inspectors, review and verify all submitt
boat information, including persons, weight and power capacities, and ultimately determine the final certific
The goal of the program is to inspect and certify every model of recreational boat built by the certified builde
This is done annually.
After a boat model has been certified, the builder is authorized to label and advertise that the boat is “NMM
Certified Using ABYC Standards.”
Type Accepted Components
There are eight boat components that must be tested to ABYC standards and U.S. Regulations for the boat t
achieve certification:
Fuel tanks
Fuel hoses
Navigation lights
Steering systems
Steering wheels
Bilge pumps
Bilge Blowers
Test reports of all Type Accepted components are reviewed, approved and filed at NMMA. Comprehensive li
of all Type Accepted components can be found on the NMMA website.
Why Certify?
We always like to say that there are five reasons to certify: safety, safety, safety, safety and safety. But ther
are also other reasons to certify:
ABYC standards are more comprehensive than the CFR;
Certification gives you product liability strength, unbiased third party quality control and market compe
Insurance discounts are available to builders who certify;
The Commandant of the CG has endorsed the certification program
and finally, (we think) certified manufacturers build better boats.
The Value of Certification
But is there quantitative value to certification? Yes! Both an older study and a relatively new study verify the
value of certification to both builder and consumer.
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