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Interior Design Methods for Yacht Design and t
Boat Building Industry 
By Lisa Hix 
This unique book is the only reference of its kind, covering all
aspects of boat interior design and human-factors engineerin
(ergonomics). It is the closest thing there is to an
Graphic Standards
for boat interior design
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The Nature of Boats 
Insights and Esoterica for the Nautically Obsessed 
By Dave Gerr  
If you love boats and would love to know how they work, then
this is the book for you. It is not the usual heavy tomb on Nav
architecture. However, it contains a wealth of interesting and
useful material on yacht and boat design and small craft nav
architecture, all at just the right depth for the interested novic
or even the engineer who would like an introduction to the su
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dred feet from the marina to Jack’s house, with John and
Fast Freddy trailing along after me. John’s mother opened
the door. I said to Jack sitting in his easy chair, "John ran
trials on the 55. I knew it would be alright, as you would
have done the same thing when you were his age. She went
35 knots. The whole thing works. I plotted the weight at the
trial and we are more efficient than a hydroplane. We can
duplicate this efficiency on any size new design."
The boat’s owner and his wife were there the next day and
stayed with the boat until they left for the Bahamas. I was
concerned, as every time they discovered an empty space,
they went to the store and bought stuff to fill it up. Finally
the day Doug Schriver, of
Magazine tested her, s
was loaded to a displacement of 59,000 Lbs. by my flota
tion line measurement right after the test. She tested at
35.8 M.P.H., well over the step hydroplane curve on Profe
sor Crouch’s Speed graph.
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Book of Da
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