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Dear Westlawn Students and Alumni:
Every now and then I feel the urge to sound
off. Sometimes it’s about things that cause
me inner turmoil. But in this instance its because of the great pride I feel regarding ABYC’s
relationship with the Westlawn family…which by the way, includes YOU!
I’ve been a colleague of Dave Gerr’s now for almost eight years. During that time I can’t beg
to convey to you the tireless energy, drive and conviction Dave has had at ensuring Westlaw
remains the best boat and yacht design school, bar none. Dave is not content with the way
things are, you need to know that he always has his thinking cap on in search of ways to en-
rich your learning experience and marketability in our industry. He is innovation, an expert in his field and tru
dedicated to ensuring you receive the best education and training available. Your task and challenge is to ta
advantage of his expertise and that of his instructor team by doing well in your studies. I strongly recommen
you take full advantage of his talents. You are in a unique program with a world-recognized designer at the
Behind the scenes making sure your experience at Westlawn is administratively seamless is Patti Schulte. P
is a true gem who prides herself on keeping the day-to-day administrative arm of Westlawn running like a fin
designed racing hull. Again, her major focus is YOU! She will help you every step of the way to ensure you ha
the modules, the tools and the information necessary to move through the challenging Westlawn curricu-
lum. Also know, she is your link between ABYC and Westlawn. She is a 100 percent team player who strives
be professional and supportive. Are you looking for financial support? A particular book or computer progra
do you need a word of encouragement? How about a conduit to others in the organization – yes, talk to Patt
Speaking of scholarships; we have almost exhausted the Kathy and Gerry Wood Scholarship for 2010. Limit
funds are still available, but you need to talk to Patti NOW to see if you qualify for the support. If you missed
on 2010 scholarship support, there’s always 2011 and 2012. The key is to keep informed and to ask questio
Lastly, if you are attending IBEX, please seek me out and introduce yourself. I remain very proud of our affilia
tion with Westlawn and its staff and students. I learn much from you and would enjoy the opportunity to spe
with you. Please be sure to stop by the ABYC/Westlawn booth area and meet the staff.
Keep the Westlawn tradition and reputation second to none by working hard and enjoying the Westlawn exp
Skip Burdon
President, ABYC
Skip Burdon
Mad Mariner
, the online daily boating magazine, interviewed Westlawn, director, Dave Gerr on July 20, 2010
this wide-ranging, half-hour radio show, Gerr discusses almost all aspects of Westlawn, including history, ope
tion, student and alumni successes, costs, and more. Click on the links below to listen to the full interview an
watch the accompanying slide show of over a hundred boats designed by Westlawn alumni.
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