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Westlawn alumni are invited to submit drawings and renderings of designs for publication in
The Masthead
that are “On The Drawing Board.” Designs & Commentary should be emailed to
Erdevicki 185 Ft Motor Yacht
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Ivan Erdevicki
Naval Architecture & Yacht Design
1408-1500 Hornbey St.,
Vancouver BC V62 2R1 Canada
Phone: +382 672 3275
Ivan Erdevicki
Naval Architecture & Yacht Design
X Hercegovacke 29
85340 Herceg-Novi
Phone: +382 672 3275
Know It All Contest Solution
to the June 2010 Question
On Power to Carry Sail
By Dave Gerr, © 2010 Dave Gerr (This Issue’s Question, Page 21)
The Know It All questions and correct answers are important design tips for students as well
as other marine professionals. We suggest that you file them away for future reference.
The Question Was:
You have a well-constructed, fiberglass-composite, 46-foot
sailing catamaran,
Two Tranquil
. Beam overall is 26 feet and
displacement is 6 tons.
’s cutter rig has a sail area,
with 100% fore-triangle, of 1,100 square feet. The mast and
rigging are rugged and properly stayed. Chainplates are
strong and correctly aligned. Sail-handling gear is well
thought out and sized appropriately. The center of effort of
’s sailplan is 29.4 feet above the DWL.
With regard to stability and sail-carrying power, is
Two Tran-
suited to offshore cruising, and why or why not?
And the Solution Is:
Jim Lawson and Alfeo Tonellotto both submitted correct an-
swers to the June 2010 question. This is the first time two
Westlawn people have won. Jim is a graduate and Alfeo i
current student. This may also explain why they are just t
darn smart, and, for this good and sufficient reason, have
hearby been awarded the distinguished title of Know It Al
with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.
The answer is yes because both the Stability Number and
the Stability Factor are acceptable as follows:
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1, 100 sq.ft. Sail Area
Bruce Number =
= 1.39
13, 440 lb. Disp.
26 ft.Beam 13, 440 lb. Disp.
29.4 ft. CE
1, 000