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In all the years I’ve been drawing boats, and despite many attempts, I have not been able to complet
the design of a boat for myself! Even the boats I drew at Westlawn were for the school, or for Mr. Nudelman,
someone, but not for me! It has been easier (and more profitable!) to design boats to clients’ wishes; after al
this is our job as designers.
My wife and I, both having crossed the Atlantic and sailed a lot on a variety of boats, see the ideal cr
ing boat as one that we can spend a month or two on in interesting cruising grounds. We have both spent ti
in the Bahamas as well as years Down Island, in the Caribbean and elsewhere, but we keep coming back to
Bahamas as an ideal cruising ground: happy people and the
most beautiful, clear, turquoise water in the World. Bimini is
only 50 miles from Miami, yet you can easily find an island t
yourself. So you need a boat that can sail safely & well in sh
low water, and be put on a beach, and we like to go fast be-
tween anchorages. This calls for a sharpie of some sort, or a
multihull. A sharpie of 30 feet or so is easily trailered withou
compromise, so you can avoid boat yards and you can maint
it yourself at home if you want to. So this is the choice we
made. You can take it anywhere you can go in a ¾ ton truck
As usual, events in our lives and our design business
from one to another to allow us the lucky opportunity to hav
this boat, which we share with another couple we have know
for half our lives.
My company, Rodger Martin Design, pro-
duces designs for Round-the-World racing boats,
fast cruisers and racers as our main work, so
there’s a lot of this experience and the efficiency
these boats require in the Presto 30 design.
I don’t think a classic American boat type
has often, if ever, been given the design develop-
ment we put into the Presto 30. We ran several
hulls through Hydrostatic Comparisons and our
Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) to choose the
best design. The structure has been designed &
built to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) stan-
dards using high-strength, lightweight materials
and to meet international Offshore Racing Council
(ORC) standards.
Presto 30
Designed By Westlawn Alumnus Rodger Martin
Of Rodger Martin Design
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