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Maine builders, Ryder Boats, a division of Union River Boat Co., (URB), has turned this design into a
simple, very well-put together, affordable boat. The company is well known in the industry for producing tool
ing, hulls, decks and parts for such companies as Hinckley Yachts, Morris Yachts and Lyman Morse Boatbui
In 2007 Outward Bound commissioned Rodger Martin Design to design a replacement for their agin
wooden 30 foot school boats, which led to the design and construction of the Outward Bound ‘Hurricane Is-
land 30’, of which half a dozen of a projected 15 have been built to date.
In Spring 2009, two of these 30-foot open boats, powered only by sail and oar, were sailed 2,500
miles from Florida to Maine in 50 days with stops along the way to raise awareness for OB’s Sea Program!
Popular interest in these obviously capable boats led to URB commissioning Rodger Martin Design to creat
completely new trailerable sharpie for them to built and market.
‘Presto’ History:
If you’re interested in capable shoal-draft boats, Commodore Ralph Munroe’s
The Commodore’s sto
The Early Days on Biscayne Bay,
is a captivating book about lifelong experiences sailing and designing man
highly-successful sharpies up to 90 feet long during Florida’s early development as a winter haven. The in-
herent common sense and safety offered by these designs has been well known for a hundred and fifty yea
and only racing rules and changing fashion have obscured their once-wide popularity.
‘Presto’ alludes to the famous, fast and able 1885 design by Commodore Munroe, of the same
name, and represents a flared, round-bottomed hull with a flattened bottom for taking the ground, and well-
shaped ends for wave penetration forward and reduced drag at the stern. These boats are simple, easy to
sail, well balanced and fast for their size!
Sharpie Characteristics:
The Presto 30 is designed to be trailerable & beachable, thus the very shoal draft (13 inches - 330
mm) and the smooth, clean bottom. The hull is lightweight and relatively narrow, both factors reducing drag
Ballast is internal lead shot, built into the bottom and the split rig is used for maneuverability and for its low
(as in close to the water) heeling effect. The combination of a low-heeling force from an efficient sail plan a
a light, slim, low-drag hull make these boats fast and very controllable reaching and running. The deep, hig
performance centerboard and rudder help the boat go upwind effectively, very nearly as high and fast as a
good sloop rig.
The split rig is self-tacking. Crack off
5-10 degrees, and a boat of this size will out-
sail keel sloops quite a bit longer! This sail
plan doesn’t need expensive and difficult-to-
set spinnakers to sail at breakaway speeds
off the wind. If wanted, a light ‘mizzen stay-
sail’ can be set between the masts and a
drifter set at the end of a removable bow-
sprit but these sails are not needed for nor-
mal fast sailing. The sealed, lightweight, free
-standing, Hall carbon-fiber masts fit within
the length of the boat for trailering and, at
under 55 pounds (25 kg) can be stepped or
struck by two people with a gin pole.
Presto 30 by Rodger Martin
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