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MetalCraft Marine was awarded the prestigious "Boat of the
Year" from
WorkBoat Magazine
at the International Work-
Boat Show, In New Orleans, on December 1, 2010, for the
design and craftsmanship of their
FireStorm 70
fire boat,
built for Jacksonville Fire/Rescue.
A principle member of the design team was Westlawn
alumnus Ryan Hunter, who had an important role in the
development of the 2009 version of this vessel, the first
Firestorm 69
(also recognized as a “Great Boat of the Year”
by Marine News Magazine in 2009). In 2010, the MetalCraft
design team modified this to the
Firestorm 70
, with Ryan
Hunter overseeing Westlawn Elements of Technical Boat
Design graduate, Rami Laitila, who made the necessary
changes for the new project.
Attaining full-load speeds of 35 knots, the aluminum fire-
boat employs MetalCraft’s proprietary, high-efficiency
hull form. It features a delta-pad center planing flat,
which provides the additional lift required to provide a lo
trim angle through the pre-planing zone, “the hump.”
Fireboats are typically 25% heavier than equivalent conv
tional patrol boats because they carry so much extra fire
and rescue gear. This can cause the planing surface area
be very marginal or even too low to plane at all. A heavy
boat with a small water plane causes exaggerated bow-h
planing angles and heavy loads on engines reducing long
The high efficiency of the
hull form offsets the
’s greater weight and yields higher speeds and
better fuel economy.
Firestorm 70