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The monitor location is central and close to the center of
buoyancy of the vessel. This permits the helmsman to pivot
the boat around the thrust load at low rpm, not unlike a
towboat. Operators are amazed at the boat’s control under
full streaming at any angle. The boat’s head never blows off
its course.
Firestorm 69/70
provides more speed, maneuverability
and pumping capacity than other high speed fireboats in
the market today. Fitted with quad Hale pumps, it is ex-
pected to produce flow-meter results of 12,000 GPM.
High pump numbers are due to unique MetalCraft Marine
proprietary designed sea chests. These sea chests have an
intake three times the cross-sectional area of the main, can
be inspected and cleaned while underway and provide a
positive head to the pump, as well as pump redundancy.
This sea chest, with an intake as large as a firefighter him-
self, provides a filtered water source to the pump while self
draining with the boat on plane.
There are many options to rescue systems offered by Me
Craft Marine, the ones chosen by the Tampa Fire/Rescue
are as follows;
Starting at the bow, she had a crumple zone push kn
box, that provides additional flotation and lift for tho
very large seas, the push knees have heavy duty ex-
truded rubber fenders, with a built in bow ladder to p
vide access to and from the boat when beaching.
She has a gas sprung opening front windshield with
roller and safety guides for bringing a stokes basket
into the cabin via the front windshield. This helps
greatly if running short crew, or the boat is rolling too
heavily in rough seas.
Hinged main patient berth allows two medics to mai
tain the patient. Piped oxygen is piped to four patien
berths, three in the forecabin and the main.