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Main berths have retractable seatbelt restraints to hold
patients in.
The boat has climate controlled HVAC to maintain tem-
There are two outside backboard locations aboard the
air vent seat boxes.
The wide aft recovery deck is low to the water to aid
divers and survivors to climb aboard. There are also
rescue handrails around the perimeter of the deck.
The wide aft deck steps, permit the crew to keep heart
or hypothermic patients level while moving them into
the cabin.
Typical Specs:
Speed 35 knots fully loaded
L.O.A. 70' - 10"
L.W.L. 56’ - 8-5/8”
B.O.A. 22' - 1-5/8”"
Draft 36"
Engines (4) Iveco C-13, 825 HP each @ 2,400 RPM
(4) Hamilton 364
(2) Hale RME's and 2x 8 FKF pumps producing
12,000 GPM
Monitors (1) Remote Stang, (2) remote Elkharts and (2)
manual Elkharts
MetalCraft Marine Inc
347 Wellington Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7K 6N7 Canada
Tel: 613-542-1810
800-410-8464 Toll Free
Fax: 613-542-6515