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Lucintel Analyzes Global Boating Indus-
try Outlook for 2010 and Beyond: Mar-
ket to Bottom Out in 2010
Economic recovery holds the key to
global boating industry regaining a posi-
tive growth trajectory. There were dra-
matic changes in the boat market during
2009 and 2010 with prominent regions
such as North America suffering double
-digit decline in 2009 due to economic
downturn and credit crunch. The Euro-
pean boat market started feeling the
brunt of the economic downturn towards
the end of 2008 and dropped signifi-
cantly in 2009. The year 2010 is pro-
jected to remain almost flat on a global
basis as economy is recovering from the
recessionary trends. Lucintel expects the
global boat market to see a positive
growth during forecast years as market
recovers from the slump of 2008 and
Lucintel, a leading global management
consulting and market research firm
with over 1000 clients worldwide has
analyzed the global recreational boating
industry to develop a comprehensive re-
search report entitled "Global Recrea-
tional Boating Industry Analysis and Fore-
cast 2010-2015".
According to Lucintel, the global demand
for recreational boats is projected to
reach $27.8 billion in annual sales by
2015. On a global basis, North America
represents the largest region in terms of
unit shipments. Lucintel's research re-
veals that Europe saw the highest rela-
tive growth during last 5 years (2004-
2009) as European-based boat makers
gained market share in large sized boats.
This 263 - page report provides a detailed
assessment of the demand for the pro-
duction of recreational boats including
inboard boats, outboard boats, stern
drive boats, personal watercrafts, sail
boats, as well as other types on a global
and regional basis. In terms of specific
boat building industry trends, there is an
ongoing shift in product mix toward lar-
ger and more expensive boats. Accord-
ing to Lucintel, Azimut-Benetti ranked
number 1 in the global recreational boat
market, followed by Groupe Beneteau,
Ferreti, and Brunswick. This market intelli-
gence report provides the ranking of the
top 10 global leaders with their respective
market shares.
This detailed research report includes
demand trends and forecasts, market
size estimates by boat types, regional
analysis, and profile of leading compa-
nies, competitive analysis and much
additional critical business information.
For a detailed table of contents and pric-
ing information on this timely and insight-
ful report, please contact Helpdesk at +1-
972-636-5056 or via email at
Lucintel provides
cutting edge support to help you make
critical decisions with greater speed,
insight and cost-efficiency. To find out
more, visit
New Base for Marine Lending Seen Dur-
ing National Marine Bankers Annual
CHICAGO – November 17, 2010 – With
a 20 percent increase over last year to
about 100 participants at the 31st Na-
tional Marine Bankers Association An-
nual Conference in San Diego Novem-
ber 7 – 9, members were suggesting
that stability is working its way back to
the boat-loan sector. They also ac-
knowledged that the number of funding
sources remains historically low and
that firms helping lenders work out
troubled loans continue prospering.
“The number of marine funding institu-
tions, including major national banks,
has settled in around a half-dozen, re-
flecting what’s found in the broad finan-
cial market,” notes NMBA President
Karen Trostle of Sterling Acceptance
Corp. “Financial service firms, which act
as agents for the funders, have seen
some attrition in the past year, but still
serve most active boating markets
across the U.S. Our conference had con-
tinued steady support from remarket-
ers, maritime attorneys, surveyors and
others who are helping resolve the in-
ventory overhang and overbought mar-
ket conditions. And, we see some hope-
ful signs of new boat
loan and refinance
activity, especially
resulting from the
fall boat shows.”
Trostle shared results of a recent an
dotal “how’s business” survey comp
ing this year’s fall boat show season
with last year’s. She cautioned that t
percentage swings reflect a particul
low base for 2009. NMBA plans to r
peat this survey quarterly over the n
year. A roughly equal mix of 50 deal
and manufacturers, and financial se
vicers/banks were contacted. Result
New Boat Sales:
Up 25 percent
Up 30 percent
Southern California
No change
Up 10 percent
Up 10 percent
Refinances: Up 22 percent overall
Forecast for 2011: Up for 86 percen
those surveyed
Boat Buyers Paying with Cash
90 p
cent for purchases 40’ and above
Used Boat Sales: Up 35 percent
Retail Sales for Boat Show Vendors
30 percent
Economist Gina Martin, Senior Instit
tional Equity Strategist for Wells Far
Securities, LLC, told those at the con
ence that the excesses of the U.S. co
sumer over the past 30 years are be
worked out, but not as quickly as
hoped. Though painful, when the iss
are resolved, it should result in a pro
longed and very stable period of eco
nomic growth for the country. Short
term positives include expected ex-
tended tax cuts and unemployment
claims for individuals and tax credits
small business. Strong headwinds w
buffet the economy for the short ter
and Martin expects 2011 to be muc
like 2010: bumpy and with slow gro
running 2.5 percent for the year.
Media Contact:
Karen Trostle
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