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The ABYC/Westlawn Booth - Cris Gardner, Mike New,
John Adey, Dave Gerr, Skip Burdon
One of Hundreds of Packed Isles at METS
Just six weeks after IBEX, the METS (Marine Equipment Trade
Show) in Amsterdam boasted a record 1,320 exhibitors and in in-
crease in attendance, totaling over 18,800! Westlawn attended for
the first time at the ABYC booth.
METS provided a chance to meet with some of our many European
students, who can’t easily get to IBEX or to the annual Westlawn
student meet. Nearly a dozen current students stopped by, as did
even more alumni, who are based in Europe.
Westlawn student Ries Plevier, whose boatbuilding company is
based near Utrect, took Dave Gerr and his wife on a tour of Ries’s
very successful mini-tug yacht, with a wonderful dinner as an added
treat. Paul Cohen, president of Dan Composites, in Denmark, which
recently hired a Westlawn student, was another old friend who was
able to renew contact over dinner in Amsterdam.
Westlawn and ABYC had an exceptionally positive show, with the
opportunity to see so many new products and companies as well as
connecting with European students. Both AYBC and Westlawn are
looking forward to being at the next METS in 2011.
Student Grant Nelson Left, Dave
Gerr, and Student Kurt Cerny Righ
Paul Cohen, Barbara & Dave Gerr
All-Electronic Superyacht Bridge Controls
Ries Plevier on His Mini-Tug