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For Immediate Release
Contact: Skip Burdon, (410) 990-4460, x25
ABYC Foundation Donor Challenges Industry
with Matching Funds
November 3, 2010: This year’s ABYC Foundation’s annual fund raising drive could raise more than $30,000
with the announcement of a guaranteed matching gift for reaching the $15,000 goal in donations. Today, th
Foundation’s Chair, Joe Charles of Charles Industries, issued the industry-wide challenge in order to infuse th
Foundation with much needed funds.
“Many in our industry don’t realize how important a role the ABYC Foundation plays in funding boating safety
research, special programs and technical education and training,” expressed Charles in a statement. “I belie
lives have been saved, boating safety issues resolved, as well as opportunities to educate, train and certify in
dustry personnel fulfilled because of existence of the ABYC Foundation. The Foundation now needs industry
support and I am both proud and fortunate to be able to issue this matching challenge,’ Charles concluded.
Upon announcing this challenge to ABYC’s general membership, Skip Burdon, the Foundation’s current Secr
tary and President of ABYC remains upbeat about industry coming together in support of the Foundation.
“During these challenging economic times, the ABYC Foundation has been hit hard and at present has suffi-
cient operating funds to sustain it for only a few more years, Burdon stated. “While we realize that these are
difficult times for many in our industry, even the smallest of donations can produce big results when all of us
reach out and give what our means will allow,” stated Burdon. A donation of $20 by 5,000 individuals throu
out industry could raise $100,000 – that’s the real power of the small donations. And, of course the bigger d
nations are also important because they can ensure we meet our year-end goal and match faster,” conclude
Donations to the ABYC Foundation are tax deductible and each donation will be acknowledged by either an
email response or letter. Donations over $250 will be acknowledged at the ABYC website for all of 2011 sta
ing February 1, 2011. Donations can be made by calling ABYC at 410 990-4460, extension 32, 43 or 26. D
nations can also be made at the ABYC Website by clicking on the ‘ABYC Foundation’ icon button on the left s
of the site. Lastly, 2010 donations can be made by mail at ABYC Foundation, Attn: Secretary, 613 Third Str
Suite 10, Annapolis, Maryland, 21403.
The ABYC Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization that was established in 1988 to raise funds an
provide support for special projects, education and training programs, scholarships and other initiatives bein
undertaken by the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC). Our mission is to support ABYC in the developme
of standards, education, information, and awareness initiatives; and special projects that are designed to pro
mote and foster boating safety. In other words…we exist to favorably impact boating safety and workforce ed
cation related issues that directly affect both YOU and the boating public!
Skip Burdon