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Winning details included: Superior quality construction; inno-
vative well-thought-out design details; good performance
under sail, and “a lot of boat for the buck.”
Catalina Yachts
21200 Victory Boulevard
Woodland Hills, California 91367
Tel: 818 884-7700
Catalina Yachts Florida
7200 Bryan Dairy Rd
Largo, FL 33777
Phone 727-544-668
Presto 30
Featured in the September 2010 issue of
The Masthead
Rodger Martin’s
Presto 30
was selected by the
judges for the 2010 Cruising Spirit Award. The judges
“Is it fair to punish a good boat that defies categoriza-
tion? In the end, the answer was no, and the judges, at
their own discretion, responded by giving the
Presto 30
the Cruising Spirit Award for being a boat unlike any
other that also has the potential to attract a whole new
group of sailors to a different way of doing things.
With its cat-ketch rig, unstayed carbon masts and wishbone
booms, the
Presto 30
, is quite distinctive. Add in extremely
shoal draft, beachability, and easy trailering, and you have a
cruising boat that encourages adventure, and at a reason-
able budget.
Not only were the judges impressed with how easy the sp
rig made wing-and-wing downwind sailing, but:
“Above all else, they felt the boat produced the viscer
joy of sailing that embodies all the reasons we set off
a journey or a daysail.”
Winning details included: The centerboard and kick-up
rudder that make the boat easy to launch from a traile
and extremely shoal-water friendly; under sail, the boa
was light, responsive and sneaky quick; the interior isn
fancy, but it does have all the cruising comfort you’d n
to head out on any adventure.
Rodger Martin Design
Box 242
1 Washington Street
Newport, RI 02840
Tel: 401-849-9850
Presto 30
Photo Billy Blac
Presto 30