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Ivan Erdevicki
Naval Architecture & Yacht Design
A new design on our drawing board is this 13.8 meter
performance sailing yacht to be built in China. The de-
sign is collaboration effort with Robert Perry Yacht De-
sign office from Seattle, USA, and is based on well
proven 10-meter and 7.5-meter models. The boat fea-
tures modern racing hull and carbon fiber rig, as well as
accommodation that can sleep 8. It is built light using
sandwich construction with the infusion process for hull
and deck. The interior is minimalistic but comfortable
and is designed to save weight. This boat is built to high
standard with affordable price. Flying Tiger Boats in
China is the builder.
LOA 44’ 0” 13.41 m LWL 41’ 0” 12.52 m
Beam 12’ 0” 3.65 m Draft 9’ 0” 2.74 m
Ivan Erdevicki
Naval Architecture & Yacht Design
4205 Musqeam Drive
Vancouver, BC V6N 3R8
Tel: 604 719-7475