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Aviateur 5.70m
Designed By Westlawn Alumnus Eric Henseval
Designers Comments
The first sea-trials of
Aviateur 5.70m
have been a success in various conditions of winds. What a volume for cruisin
The boat is comfortable, easy to sail, and stiff.
The boat is designed to be built by home-builders or by a professional yard.
Aviateur 5.70m
can be sailed with your
family in coastal navigations. She has been designed for high seas, as well as the Mini 6.50m, to be a very seawort
little boat. Several home builders will begin their boat soon. One is being built in the U.S.
Inboard views:
-Forward double berth, very wide, with a big deck hatch just above.
-Keel sleeve stopped at the berth level.
-Big volume inside, with big space given by the open bulkheads.
-Side berths 60cm by 2m of length.
-Big volume above berths
-2 couple tillers: 1 outside and one inside, to helm under the Plexiglas bubbles.
-Chart table, -Galley with stove, -Forward anchor locker.
Building material: 9mm thick. marine plywood, glass fiber
and epoxy resin.
Hull length: 5.70 m
Length at DWL: 5.70 m
Length over all, LOA: 5.95 m
Beam max.: 2.50 m
Beam (max) at DWL : 1.9 m
Fwd freeboard: 0.95 m
Aft freeboard: 0.81 m
Draft min./max.: 0.66 m / 1,31 m
Retractable keel with tackle (easy and simple system)
Length from DWL to the head of the mast: 8,88 m
Engine: outboard from 2 HP to 6 HP
Mainsail Area: 14.4m
Solent Area: 8.09m
Total Area to windward: 22.5m
Spinnaker Area (asymmetrical): 27m
Sliding integrated pool (through the watertight anchor
Displacement: 625 kg
Displacement (half loading): 837.5 kg
Displacement (full loading) 1050 kg
Can be heavily loaded for long cruises
Keel ballast: 230kg with 200kg of bulb
Unsinkable with flotation foam under berthes
European Conception Category: C3 D4
Aviateur 5.70m
is very stiff with large interior volume
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