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“Sliver” Monomaran — By Will Alsion
Featured as ProBoat Design Competition Interesting Concept
Professional Boatbuilder
magazine’s second 
Design Challenge ‐ “More Pleasure at 2 Gallons 
Per Hour” ‐ brought in 58 submissions. Only 
three could be selected as winners, and one of 
those was a Westlawn grad’s (see
The Mast‐
, September 2010
Still, the editors at Pro‐
Boat felt there were several other interesting 
and deserving designs, which they featured in 
ProBoat issue 129. Westlawn graduate, Will 
was among these. 
Will explains: “The idea for the Monomaran is 
one that I've been toying with for a number of 
years. It has gone through a number of quite 
different iterations ‐ from a higher speed, semi wave‐piercing RIB with a more traditional (albeit very narro
planing hull, to a heavier displacement boat where around 75% of the weight is supported by the canoe‐bod
and 25% by the flat planing hull sections. I think all have some merit ‐ I just need to find the time to develop 
them all further! 
The hullform that I used for the ProBoat design competition was initially developed as a lightweight commut
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