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Volume 5, Issue 2 June 20

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Volume 5, Issue 2

RINA Accreditation Pg. 1 Message from ABYC Pres. Pg. 2 K & J Wood Scholarships Pg. 3 The Efficient Powerboat 2 Pg. 5 Westlawn in Yachting Pg. 8 Westlawn Profiles

Robert Miller Pg. 9 Westlawn, SSCD,

Planimeter & Masthead Pg. 11 Splashes Pg. 12 First Annual Maine Meet Pg. 13 Know It All Answer Pg. 14 We Get Mail —

Hybrid Feedback Pg. 16 News & Views Pg. 18 Know It All Question Pg. 19 ABYC Tech Notes

Nav Lights Pg. 20 MLC Labor Pains Pg. 21 Rebirth of Ida May Pg. 25 The Lighter Side Pg. 29 Bill Garden, In Memoriam Pg. 30 Book Sale Pg. 32 Classes & Training Links Pg. 33 Archives Pg. 36 Westlawn Information Pg. 36

Inside This Issue

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Westlawn is a not-for-profit educational affiliate of:

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The Journal of the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology

Adding to Westlawn’s Long-Standing DETC Accreditation Offers International Recogniti

of Westlawn’s Program

Yachting Magazine May 2011 Features Article on Westlawn Institute - Page 8


he Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), an interna-tional organization representing naval architects in over 90 coun-tries has accredited the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology’s Yacht & Boat Design Program.

Both organizations exist to promote and enhance knowledge and understan ing of naval architecture and boatbuilding and to serve the needs of the mari industry. Their goals are to assist their members or students to design, super vise, construct, manage, or repair boats or ships of the highest quality. West-lawn has been training boat designers for over eighty years and RINA has be serving naval architects and the marine industry for over 150 years demonst ing truly long-term commitments to their goals.

Universities and training providers whose academic and professional course provide the knowledge and understanding which underpin the professional skills required by those involved in the design and construction of maritime v sels and structures may apply to have their course accredited by the Royal In tution of Naval Architects.

The Institution assesses such courses against the standards required for full membership of the Institution. It considers the content of the

course for its scope and applicability to the design and con- Continued pa

Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation Make 2nd Annual Contribution to Westlawn Scholarship Fund!

Largest Scholarships in Westlawn History!! - Page 3

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