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Who Will Be The June 2011 Know It All Winner?

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New "Boating Simulator" Lets You Boat Anytime

BoatUS Foundation's Virtual Boating Experience is the Next Step in Boater Education

A new downloadable BoatUS Boating Simulator, provided by the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Wa-ter aims to use animation, simulation and video to keep boaters on the virtual "water" anytime - and teach them how to navigate through con-gested and sometimes treach-erous waters.

The Boating Simulator's inter-active boating experience - complete with throttle, shifter and chartplotter - makes learning fun. "Research shows that most people use visual cues when learning and when you combine it with active participation, comprehension

and retention increase," said BoatUS Assistant Director of Boating Safety Ted Sensen-brenner. "Simply put, you learn while you're having a great time driving the boat." The Simulator, which utilizes your keyboard, mouse and arrow keys to operate, is free to download at Foundation/games.

During the game's voyage, players must use all of the tools at their disposal to navi-gate around aids to navigation as well as shallow water and other vessel traffic. Along the way you could be penalized for violating speed zones, ap-proaching too close to another vessel or navigating out of bounds.

This is the third interactive video game offered by the

BoatUS Founda-tion that puts new or seasoned boaters alike be-

hind the helm of a virtual boat. The first two games, DockIt! and NavigateIt!, tea docking and navigation skill respectively. All BoatUS Fou dation games are provided no cost at Foundation/games and BoatUS membership is not required to play.

For the Boating Simulator, a standard home PC with Win dows XP or newer and a DirectX 9.0 compatible vide card is required. Simply foll the on-screen instructions a prompts to download to you computer. foundation .

Want to see how much you know? Want to show everyone else how much you know? The first three people to submit the correct answer to the following question will win a Westlawn tee shirt and cap, and will also receive a Know It All certificate. The answer and winners to be published in the next issue of The Mast-head.

Kevin Ritz, president of Cruising Essent and ABYC west coast representative se this conundrum:

A fleet of well-made aluminum boats— working in fresh, brackish and saltwate virtually all experienced the same corro around the windows in the trunk cabin An example is in the photo at the right.

Can you explain the cause of the corros

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