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The Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation Provides Generous Financial Support T

he Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology is pleased to announce that we have received the sec-ond year’s donations for the most substantial grant and scholarship program the school has ever offered! For qualifying U.S. students, tuition will be effectively reduced to levels last seen in the early 1980s!

All the funds donated by the Wood Foundation for 2010, were ex-pended in scholarships and grants for students before the end of the

year under the terms of the donation. We’re looking forward to assisting more students again this year.

This program has been made possible by the generous support of the Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation, which has committed to donating $90,000, at $30,000 per year for three years (2010, 2011 and 2012), to provide tuition assistance for all Westlawn students who are eligible. Grants and scholarships will be available until the donated funds are expended for a given year.

Mr. Jerry Wood dedicated much of his life to the sup-port of boating and education. In fact, he established the Annapolis Sailing School in 1959, which soon be-came the largest commercial sailing school in the United States. With his wife Kathy, he went on to cre-ate the first in-the-water all-sailboat show, which revo-lutionized boat shows, and lead Kathy and Jerry to cre-ate the United States Powerboat Show—also in Anna-polis—two years later. Over the years, the Wood’s busi-nesses have employed over 3,000 young people and young adults helping to train and mentor them to pre-pare to move out into the world to become well-rounded mature individuals.

Westlawn’s parent company is The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) based in Annapolis, MD. ABYC headquarters is within walking distance of the Annapo-lis Boat Show and is even closer to Kathy and Jerry’s former Annapolis home.

“The connections between Westlawn Institute and ABYC and the history and goals of Kathy and Jerry Wood, are remarkable,” said Sallie Hamrick, President of the Kathy and Jerry Wood Foundation. “Not only are

both organizations dedicated to boating and educati but also to enhancing boating safety and to encoura ing our nation’s youth to pursue the enjoyment of b ing and careers in the boating industry. We are parti larly touched that Jerry and Kathy will continue to se

the boating community by helpi students learn to design boats yachts that will be joyfully used generations to come.”

“Westlawn is extremely grateful the Kathy and Jerry Wood Foun tion,” noted Westlawn director Dave Gerr. “The schol ships and grants the Wood Foundation are making possible will be a tremendous help to our students, and it’s even more satisfying to know that we’ll be c tinuing the tradition that Kathy and Jerry Wood esta lished both assisting in education and in supporting boating.”

“ABYC’s president, Skip Burdon, was instrumental in making the connections that resulted in this invalua support,” continued Gerr. “It’s a perfect example of how important it is to be part of ABYC, and of the de commitment that ABYC has to boating education an standards.”

For U.S. Citizens Only

Under the terms of the funding, the Kathy and Jerry Woods grants and scholarships can be awarded to citizens only.

Grants for Newly Enrolling Students:

All students, who are U.S. citizens, who meet Westla admission requirements, will be eligible for a $1,50 grant toward their tuition in Module 1 in the full Yac & Boat Design Program, or toward the tuition for th Elements of Technical Boat Design course.

Regular tuition for one module (U.S. students, 2011) $2,800. Students enrolling with a $1,500 Wood Fou dation grant may either pay the entire tuition balanc of $1,300, or they may elect to enroll under the zero interest monthly payment plan as follows:

$690 initial payment followed by 10 monthly pay-ments of $61.00 per month.

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