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The 75-foot, aluminum expedition motorcruiser
Green Hawk
is fitted with a pair of identical 17-foot RIB
launches on her sundeck. They are deployed and retrieved using a crane davit, with a cable hoist, locate
on the centerline and configured to launch either RIB off either side of the vessel. The arrangement is a
shown in the drawing below.
Green Hawk
is 66.5 feet on the waterline, 22.5 feet beam overall, and 21.
feet waterline beam. She displaces 77.23 tons, and her GM—as equipped and outfitted with launches a
normal cruising gear, crew, fuel, water and supplies—is 4.74 feet.
Assuming the case for maximum heel, and that each RIB launch weighs 2,500 pounds with their out-
board, fuel, gear and equipment aboard, what is the largest angle that
Green Hawk
will heel to when
launching or retrieving one of these RIBs?
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