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The ABYC is offering a three-
month introductory purchase fee
for the CD Electrical Certification
Course. An additional testing fee
will be assessed at the final test-
ing site.
The distance-learning course on
DVD can be ordered by contact-
ing Cris Gardner at ABYC:
his e-mail ad-
dress is being protected from
spambots. You need JavaScript
enabled to view it or by phone
(410) 990-4460.)
Source: ABYC
29 June 2011
ABYC Composite Laminator
Course and Study Guide in
The American Boat & Yacht
Council (ABYC) announced today
that their popular Laminator
Course and study guide are now
available in Mexican-Spanish.
The ABYC is offering the course
through translator for the first
time on-site in Mexican-Spanish
to all boat builders, composite
manufacturers, Government
Agencies and associations in the
United States, Canada, Puerto
Rico and Mexico.
The ABYC Laminator Course is a
two-day composites course de-
signed to provide students with a
basic foundation and understand-
ing of the strict guidelines and
techniques required of workers
when building a composite boats
and structures. The course can
also be expanded to three days
to cover other non-traditional
techniques. This course con-
cludes with a 100-question com-
prehensive exam, after which the
successful student will receive a
completion certificate and be
better prepared to work in a pro-
duction or repair shop. The
emerging composites specialists’
next step in becoming a profes-
sionally certified composites
technician will come by taking
the prestigious ABYC Composites
Boat Building Course and passing
the challenging certification ex-
Assisting in the translation and
product integrity effort were staff
from Brunswick Boat Group who
provided time and expertise in
editing and proofing the transla-
tion into Mexican-Spanish., “We
are excited to have assisted
ABYC make this important pro-
gram become a reality in Span-
ish. This course will better edu-
cate and equip our Spanish
speaking production staff work-
ing in both Mexico and the United
States with essential composite
skill sets and competencies,” said
Dave Marlow, Director of Product
Integrity and Government Af-
fairs, Brunswick Boat Group and
Chair of ABYC’s Technical Board.
ABYC can now bring this course
directly to any facility. Marine
manufacturers, associations and
government agencies interested
in having the program presented
at one of their facilities or confer-
ences should contact ABYC’s
Educational Services Director,
Mike New at 410 990-4460 x31
or at
ABYC Spanish version of the
Laminator Study Guide can be
purchased independently for the
introductory price of $60.00
through August 2011. After that
date, the study guide will be
available for purchase at the
regular price of $75.00. The price
of study guides is included in any
flat-fee pricing quote.
ABYC Annapolis Md, July 20, 2011
Kill Switch Standard
The recreational boat industry is
keenly interested in continuing to
improve the boat-
ing experience.
The U.S. Coast
Guard and Na-
tional Boating Safety Advisory
Council (NBSAC) proposals tha
would require the installation o
Emergency Stop Lanyards (ES
and their use by boaters on ve
sels so equipped are common
sense steps toward improving
the boating experience.
The National Marine Manufactu
ers Association (NMMA), the
American Boat and Yacht Coun
ABYC, and Boat US, have joine
to conduct tests to determine
the ease of using ELSs, how
much time it takes to put on a
ELS, and how long it takes to
switch vessel operators while
ing an ELS.
Testing came about in respons
to the Coast Guard’s request f
input from the public on wheth
ELSs should be a mandatory
safety feature on recreational
boats less than 26 feet.
The testing obtained data from
eight boat operators who had
performed start/stop tests on
four different vessels. In addi-
tion, the NMMA also surveyed i
members to determine the ex-
tent of ESLs equipment on exi
ing recreational powerboats.
Data from these surveys indi-
cated that more than four out
five boat builders of powerboat
in the test range were already
equipped with ELSs.
Source: Trade Only Today 9/9/20
and NMMA, 9/6/2011