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is the operation of commercial vessels between different ports within the same country. In almost every
country, there are strict cabotage regulations governing which vessels may engage in such trade and under what r
strictions. In the United States, the cabotage laws are spelled out under the Jones Act (the Merchant Marine Act of
1920). It states that all vessels engaged in cabotage in U.S. waters must be: built in the U.S.; U.S. flagged; owned
U.S. citizens; and crewed by U.S. citizens or legal U.S. permanent residents. Even the smallest local ferry or charter
boat must conform to the Jones Act.
613 Third St., Suite 10
Annapolis, MD 21403
Dear Westlawn Students, Alumni and Friends:
The ABYC/Westlawn partnership continues its path of growth and improvements with several ne
developments since the previous issue of
The Masthead
. As most of you have learned, we recentl
experienced a catastrophic failure of the organization’s phone system starting in the middle of August through the fi
two weeks in September. It seems that the hard drive on the eleven-year-old system died a quick and unrecoverable
death. But with the disruption came the opportunity to lease a state of the art digital system. As such, Dave Gerr, Pa
Norn Nudelman and all the Westlawn instructors are now on the same central system with ABYC staff. While I’m s
we’ll have to iron out some of the bugs over the next month or so, the new system is a definite improvement from w
we previously had in place.
ABYC and Westlawn are also moving ahead with an on-line Learning Management System (LMS) which will gro
provide both ABYC and Westlawn a development tool and platform for hosting short courses, webinars, chat-room
blogs, registration and more on line. We have elected to use Moodle as the backbone along with the service provide
MoodleRooms, that will wrap enterprise services and extended features around the open-source Moodle core to pro
vide the ABYC/Westlawn team with a learning-management solution that is both affordable and provides freedom
from exorbitant proprietary licensing fees and the need to purchase, upgrade and maintain costly hardware. The joul
Moodle interface software used by MoodleRooms is an adaptable, reliable and affordable enterprise platform that
gives the ABYC/Westlawn team the options we will need to successfully maximize the effectiveness and ease of us
of the Moodle experience for the course content, presentation and administrative development/management team
(ABYC/Westlawn) and our students alike. Soon many of our staff will become the online students as we begin taki
courses to maximize our use of the system. Look for additional training opportunities staring in 2012.
Lastly, I want to invite all of you to visit myself, John Adey, Dave Gerr, Ed Sherman, and Mike New at either IBE
Louisville, KY, October 17-19, or at METS in Amsterdam, NL, November 15-17. Both international expositions
promise to be great opportunities to learn and professionally grow. The ABYC and Westlawn booths will once agai
be side by side staffed with our experts; your friends and colleagues. Speaking for all of us… we would enjoy meeti
as many of you as possible.
Thanks for your time and affiliation with the best boat and yacht design school in the world,
Skip Burdon
ABYC President / CEO
Skip Burdon