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's hull continues on forward of station 0 and aft of
station 10, you have to continue your bootstripe beyond as
well, in a nice fair sweep.
A really refined bootstripe is even more sophisticated than
this. Its width (thickness) is not constant from bow to stern
but varies as well. Using the same three reference stations,
the thickness of the bootstripe—its width or height from top
to bottom—can be found, just as before, by dividing the wa-
terline length, in inches, by factors from the following table:
For our 35-foot waterline
Crackle Grackle,
the bootstripe
thickness at the stern would be 3.5 inches; 3.15 inches at
station 7; and 5.07 inches at station 0. Now, we've defined a
handsome bootstripe line, one that will have enough arc
curve to it to keep the topsides paint out of the water eve
when heavily loaded and out of trim, and one that will ad
bit of
's appearance. In fact, although
having over 3 inches of bottom paint showing amidships
and a bootstripe over 5 inches wide at the bow sounds a
much, I've actually found that somewhat more curve and
slightly thicker bootstripe usually looks more handsome
Here, naturally, is where it helps to have a good eye. Too
much sheer in the bootstripe will look plain foolish. The
above rule of thumb will give good conservative results al
around. It also pays to remember that we took all our me
urements were from the design waterline. If you knew th
Crackle Grackle
floated, say, an inch lower than this—eve
when empty—then you should raise the height of the bott
of her bootstripe by a corresponding 1 inch all along.
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