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DECEMBER 31, 2011
The Yachts and Ships of 
Jack Hargrave 
By Marilyn Mower 
Jack Hargrave
The man who put America on the water!
More than 300 designs.
More than 7,000 boats and ships.
What Nat Herreshoff
and the Stephens
brothers are to sailing,
Jack Hargrave is to the
world of motor
yachts—and then
some! Hargrave’s gen-
ius lay in his ability to
design every type of
vessel and achieve
success with any con-
struction material. In
1959, he revolution-
ized the boating indus-
try with the world’s
first fiberglass con-
vertible sportfisher-
man. In 1960, he
rocked the world again
with the first all-
aluminum luxury
In just 38 years, Jack
Hargrave and his team
of designers, engi-
neers and draftsman
drew the lines that
launched 7,000 yachts
and ships: no other designer comes close and it is
unlikely any other independent yacht designer ever
will. A quiet man of great humility, Hargrave’s tal-
ent allowed him to conceive vessels as dissimilar
wheelers, military patrol boats, thousands of ele
gant yachts, and even a 691-foot integrated tug-
With Don Mucklow, Willis Slane, Dave Parker an
a cast of Carolina boatbuilders – Hargrave creat
the greatest brand production boatbuilding has
ever known – Hatteras Yachts. Hargrave’s ideas
and style redefined America’s power boat indust
and his ideas about solid, seakindly boats took
root at 65 yards in 21 countries.
Jack Hargrave – the dean of American naval arc
tecture – was a man of intriguing contrasts. Al-
though he designed yachts for the world’s elite,
never forgot his Midwest values, brown-bagged
lunches and hated the term megayacht.
American Classic—Th
Yachts and Ships of
Jack Hargrave intro-
duces the reader to a
true American succe
story and in so doing
traces the richest ch
ter in the developme
of boating and com-
mercial shipping the
world has ever know
224 pages, 334 phot
75 yacht design profi
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