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but also for students to see each other’s work. As always,
there was “stump the instructor.” Students try to pose a
question (about boats only, of course) that the instructors
can’t answer. We haven’t been stumped yet, but there’s
always next year . . .
The long and profitable day, followed by a wonderful lob-
sterfest dinner at Rossport Farms, just a short drive away
from the Westlawn office. The view from our hilltop dining
area out towards Cobskook bay was spectacular in all di-
rections, and the weather was delicious. Fledgling bald ea-
gles from a nearby nest circled overhead. Between trading
design ideas, swapping stories, and scarphing down as
many lobsters as you could manage, it was a night to re-
The next morning, the crew gathered at the dock in East-
port to board the schooner
Ada C. Lore
for a whale watch
cruise out on the Bay of Fundy. Skipper Butch Harris
headed us out on a beautiful day on the water. We were
treated to vistas of harbor seals basking on the rocks, still
another pair of bald eagle fledglings, harbor porpoises
gamboling, and even a minke whale. We’re looking for-
ward to next year’s student meet already.
Bill, Christa, & Dave discussing something
Under Way on the Ada C. Lore
Christa, Bill, Philippe, & Raymond tackling
dinner (loving that Maine lobster)
The Westlawn Crew At Dinner