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Three Nines
is a
type sharpie hull (round-bottom sharpie). Martin and Weene say it, “was designed to stir up the
conventional boat layout by putting the deckhouse aft so that the cockpit has a dinghy feeling with excellent visibility . .
The “Three Nines” refers to the three longitudinal divisions of the boat in feet, roughly. The unstayed cat-ketch rig with
broad-headed wishbone sails, keep the center of effort low and is very easy to handle. Spars are carbon fiber. There are
ingenious hiking seats that flip out to allow the crew to sail comfortably with their weight outboard.
The forward cabin is completely separate from the accommodations aft, giving real privacy to the head, plus plenty of s
age. There’s even room for a bicycle or two up here. The galley folds away under the cockpit when not in use.
Steering is unique via a whipstaff just forward of the mainmast. It works much like a tiller and can even be fitted with a
tiller extension (a whipstaff extension). The whipstaff takes up much less space in the cockpit than a tiller would.
Construction is cored composite; however, wood or wood/epoxy is an option. Propulsion is through retractable Bellman
Aquapod electric motors. Batteries are nearby under the cockpit and be charged by a Honda generator on longer cruise
Three Nines
, by Rodger Martin and Russ Weene
Three Nines