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Designer Contacts:
Kurt A. Cerney:
Jon Ames:
Paulo Alv
de Souza:
Rodger Martin:
Three Nines:
27 ft. - 0 in. (8.23
25 ft. - 10 in. (7.87
8 ft. - 5 in. (2.56
Disp. (light) 2,650 lb. (1202 k
Draft (bd. Up)
10 in.
(25 c
Draft (bd’ down) 4 ft. - 6 in. (1.37
Sail Area:
330 sq.ft. (30.7 m
he builders of MagicFast Boats have retained you to determine the minimum engine-
compartment blower capacity for their new model, the Rocket X-32. A 32-foot express cruiser,
she’s to be equipped with twin 350-hp V8 gasoline engines. A conventional V-bottom boat, her engi
compartment is 8.2 feet long and 10.6-foot beam. Height, from the keel to the underside of the en-
gine-compartment overhead is 5 feet, and height from the chine up to the overhead is 3.9 feet. In a
dition to the two V8 engines, the engine compartment contains five 8D batteries plus a pair of wing
tanks, 170 gallons each. Also, there’s a 12-gallon water-heater and a 20-gallon black-water tank. Fi
nally, assorted other small machinery is mounted in the space, including the forward portion of the
exhaust runs, together amounting to about 4 cubic feet of volume. The Rocket X-32’s engine vents
fitted with louver grilles at their exits in the hull topsides, and 180-degree bends in the water-trap
boxes inside. They then run through 5 feet of duct hose to exhaust from low in the bilge. What is the
minimum acceptable engine-vent blower capacity?
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