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Rescue RIB 6.5 m From Gasper Strahovnik
rescue RIB with twin outboard 70-hp en-
gines, Gasper Strahovnik designed this ves-
sel to be outfitted with all the equipment neces-
sary for a rescue team. The hull was modeled in
MaxSurf and than exported to Rhinoceros for fair-
ing and further assembly. AutoCAD was used for
the 2D working drawings.
Main features:
• Suitable for carrying up to 8 persons
• The deep V-shaped wave-cutting hull gives a
good sea performance at high speed
• Smooth ride for backache relief
• The underbody is formed to provide unob-
structed water flow into propellers. The prop
tunnels start as partial spray rails at the stem
and continues to flat surface inclined by 2 de-
grees from midships towards the transom.
• Hull form provides good maneuverability
• Shallow draft due to higher mounted engines
• Lightweight composite/FRP construction
• Low fuel consumption
• Internal PVC cross-linked fuel tank.
• Ergonomic seats design
• Hydraulic steering, engine control cables pro-
tected (under–deck channels) to avoid dam-
• Heavy-duty tow posts on bow and stern
• Engine bull-bar prevents towing rope getting
caught between the engines and drawn into
the propellers
• Two large waterproof storage boxes
• Storage compartments in the side seats
• Narrow steering console with instruments,
windshield and battery hatches
• Anchor locker at bow.
• Stern arch equipped with navigation lights,
VHF antennas, GPS unit, Radar unit, spot
reflector, horn and grab rails
• Safety lines on tubes
• Crane lifting attachments
Gasper Strahovnik
Mob: 00238 98 69 047 and
00386 31 449 222
Rescue RIB 6.5 m:
21 ft. - 6 in. (6.55 m)
17 ft. - 8 in.
(5.4 m)
7 ft. - 3 in. (2.22 m)
2,250 lb. (1020 kg)
Draft (hull)
15 in.
(39 cm)
Draft (propeller) 2 ft. - 0 in.
(61 cm)