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he twenty-first IBEX (2011) had the largest selection of semi
presentations in the event’s history, with more than 100 indu
experts delivering 91 seminars. Exhibitor registration was also up
2.3 percent, including 60 new exhibitors.
The Westlawn and ABYC booths were again busy, with many stu-
dents and alumni stopping by, and with new students enrolling.
Westlawn instructor Nick di Matteo joined Westlawn director Dav
Gerr in manning the Westlawn booth, where questions of all type
flew thick and fast. Students also helped man the booth, includin
particularly Jay Jeffries, Joel Shine, and Raymond Toth.
As usual, Dave Gerr presented a technical seminar, this time on
tilation. A full spectrum of ventilation issues were covered, includ
passenger compartment, storage and machinery spaces ventilati
Propane, battery compartment and gasoline-boat ventilation wer
also explored in detail.
Rounding out IBEX 2011, Nick and Dave joined students and fam
members on a dinner cruise, on the Ohio river, aboard the steam
Spirit of Jefferson
. Be sure to join us at IBEX next year. This
the place to go to learn and to meet other students and your inst
The Main Entrance at IBEX
IBEX Innovation Awards
Seminar on New Fuel Regulations
Outdoor Workshop
The Westlawn Booth
Dinner Aboard the
Spirit of Jefferson