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orn in 1955 in Bologna, Italy, a big town 
100 kilometers from the sea, Michele 
Ansaloni’s first seaside holiday was with his 
parents in Cesenatico, which he recalls with 
fondness. The sailing school he went to 
throughout his teens, Hannibal of Monfalcone, 
was like a second home and threw himself to 
this activity with passion. His university 
(architecture) and political commitments were 
rather disappointing experiences, however. 
After graduating he and a few other friends founded the “Wild Broth‐
ers Club.” The club formulated low‐budget tourist proposals such as 
sailing, climbing and ski mountaineering. These proposals brought 
together people from all fields whether climbing mountains or cruis‐
ing the sea on the mythic
10‐meter wooden sailboat. After 
these experiences, Michele—based on his expertise in sailing and sea‐
manship—crewed on some big yachts in PortoCervo (Sardinia) then 
moved to Rimini, back to the Adriatic Sea. Here, he skippered some 
beautiful wooden yachts built at the renowned Carlini shipyard and 
decided to enroll in the Westlawn Institute and become a yacht de‐
During the quieter winter months, when there was less work as a skipper, Michele completed his studies. He also 
studied the marine culture and in particular the small boats which started ocean passages along with the technolo
that made this kind of voyaging possible. 
After getting his Westlawn diploma, Mi
ele was hired as a draftsman in a shipya
Meanwhile, one of his articles concerni
his thoughts on yacht design was pub‐
lished in the “Giornale della Vela” (the 
ing newspaper).  
Michele’s boatbuilding expertise beca
more and more requested and his resp
sibilities continued to grow. He frequen
consulted regarding motoryachts, wher
he found the engine‐room layout and 
technical installations of particular inte
est. Furthermore, in this period, his exp
tise was also required from two promin
yacht design firms.  
Michele Ansaloni 
Nova 40’ Adriatic Cruiser/Racer