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Designated as “drop-in” biofuel by
the U.S. Department of Energy,
isobutinol can be used to displace
petroleum under the Energy Inde-
pendence and Security Act of
2007. This could help lower green-
house-gas emissions.
“We are pleased with the results of
the evaluation on isobutanol and
look forward to more testing on
this and other important alterna-
tives to E15,” NMMA president
Thom Dammrich said in a state-
ment. “We know E15 causes sig-
nificant damage to boat engines,
and therefore rushing it to the mar-
ket is irresponsible and an unnec-
essary step, especially in light of
the promising test results on iso-
OMC Wins Verdict in Propeller
Accident Trial
On Aug. 18, 2001 Robin Listman
was boating on Pyramid Lake in
Washoe County, Nevada with her
in-laws on their 19foot power boat.
The boat, a 1995 Four Winns, was
equipped with an OMC Cobra
A wind blew Mrs. Listman’s son’s
toy into the water behind the boat.
When Mrs. Listman stepped on to
the swim platform to try and re-
trieve the toy, she fell into the wa-
ter. The boat’s owner put the boat
into reverse and Mrs. Listman was
struck by the propeller, causing
serious injuries. She lost part of
her right leg.
Mrs. Listman sued Outboard Ma-
rine and in July 2008 the court is-
sued a summary judgment in favor
of Outboard Marine. However, in
August 2009 the summary judg-
ment was vacated and the case
proceeded to trial by the state Su-
preme Court. The jury voted 6 to 2
in favor of Outboard Marine
since the propeller was not
More dangerous than
would be contemplated
by the ordinary
user having ordi-
nary knowledge..
Source: Soundings, Trade Only Today
November 2011
Editor’s comment: We feel that
accidents like this are usually
caused by operator error and
could be avoided if operators
were better trained and
more aware of
routine safety