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For a complete listing of up coming RINA
2012 Events Program
RINA organizes a programme of international conferences,
workshops and training courses covering a broad range of
experience and opinion on research, development and op-
eration on all aspects of naval architecture and maritime
technology. For more information about any event, click on
a title.
Intellectual Property Rights
12 January 2012, London, UK
The Fourth High Performance Yacht Design
12 - 14 March 2012, Auckland, New
The Royal Institution of Naval Architects An-
nual Dinner
17 April 2012, London, UK
High Performance Marine Vessels China 20
20 - 21 April 2012, Shanghai, China
Basic Dry Dock, London
11 - 14 September 2012, London, UK
The International Conference on Marine an
Offshore Renewable Energy
26 - 27 September 2012, London, UK
Historic Ships 2012
5 - 5 December 2012, London, UK
In Memoriam
Andre J. Bauwens, Chief Naval Architect, J.B. Hargrave Naval Architects: 1929-2011
Andre Bauwens emigrated to the United States from Brussels in 1956. A passion-
ate boater, he decided on a career in boat and yacht design and enrolled in
the Westlawn School of Yacht Design soon after arriving in the U.S. His first job
upon graduation was with MacLear & Harris, the famous but now-closed design
office, which was based in New York city.
In 1966, he moved to Florida and took a job as a designer with J.B. Hargrave Nav
Architects. Recognized as an innovative yacht designer, Andre became chief nav
architect for the yacht-design division of the J.B. Hargrave firm and wrote the spe
fications for those projects.
Among the notable yachts that he over-
the 120-footer built at Hi-
tachi Zosen in Japan in 1985 (pictured here).
Furthermore, Bauwens authored a design
manual for all of Hargrave’s employees to
follow, a manual that continues to be used
by Hargrave Custom Yachts today. That is
among the reasons why Michael Joyce, CEO
of Hargrave Custom Yachts, calls Bauwens
“one of the key people responsible for build-
ing the company’s outstanding reputation in
yacht design and engineering.”