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he Marine Equipment and Trade Show, at the RAI convention
center in Amsterdam had nearly 20,000 visitors and more than
1,250 exhibitors from all over the world.
This was Westlawn’s second year at METS with ABYC. Once again, it
proved invaluable. It is the best chance we have to connect with the
many, many Westlawn alumni and students in Europe.
(Forty percent of Westlawn students are outside the U.S.,
and it has always been that way.) Many of these alumni and
students are working on truly impressive projects, and you
can see the photos of many who stopped by the ABYC/
Westlawn booth here.
This was also the first year that ABYC and Westlawn pre-
sented seminars at METS. They included “Marine Applica-
tions of Lithium Ion Batteries,” by ABYC director of educa-
tion programming, Ed Sherman; “What’s New in Marine
Composite Applications,” by Scott Lewit, president of Struc-
tural Composites, Inc.; and “Propeller Selection and Sizing,” by
Westlawn director, Dave Gerr.
We were also able to connect with others we have been working with
but seldom get to meet at the ABYC dinner at the wonderful Five
Flies restaurant, in Amsterdam.
Students and alumni, with Wes
lawn director, Dave Gerr, clock
wise from upper left: Jeremy
Wurmfeld, Dennis Nederhof,
Christina Norris, Adriana Monk
Gert-Jan Smolders, Theo Dane
Sven Akermann, Kurt Cerny,
Ries Plevier, Michele Ansoloni,
Robert Eekman, Jonas Panace