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From a Pool of 50 Entries, Westlawn Students Kurt Cerny and the Team of Jon Ames and Paulo Alva
Souza as well as Westlawn Alumnus Rodger Martin Each Submitted Deigns Selected as Notable Entran
to the
Magazine “Design Challenge III”
Island Trail 22:
22 ft. - 0 in.
(6.7 m)
19 ft. - 9 in. (5.71 m)
6 ft. - 8 in. (2.03 m)
Draft (bd’ up) 0 ft. - 9 in. (23 cm)
Draft (bd’ down) 4 ft. - 6 in. (1.37 m)
Disp. (water bal.) 2,050 lb. (916 kg)
Disp. (no water) 1,505 lb. (693 kg)
Trailer Wgt.
1,005 lb. (456 kg)
Sail Area:
214 sq.ft. (19.8 m
he editors of
and its sister publication
Professional BoatBuilder
published the winners of the
“Design Challenge III,” in the November/December 2011 issue of
. The winning entry was a trimaran fr
John Marples. Included in the entries selected as notable, were three designs from four Westlawn students or alumni.
The rules required a fast, seaworthy and simple boat, that had to have: 1) Spartan overnight accommodations for at lea
two people, with galley and toilet; 2) Be legally trailerable, under 40-feet LOA, and simple to launch, set up and retrieve;
3) Trailer weight under 3,500 pounds; 4) Have positive flotation, watertight storage, and mechanical or manual auxiliary
propulsion; 5) Be able to sail to windward in a gale—able to claw off a lee shore.
selected as notable designs: Westlawn student Kurt Cerny’s
Island Trail 22
; the Westlawn student team of
Jon Ames and Paulo Alves de Souza’s
; and Westlawn alumnus Rodger Martin’s
Three Nines
From a pool of 50 entries, Westlawn students Kurt Cerny and the team of Jon Ames and Paulo Alves
Souza as well as Westlawn alumnus Rodger Martin and partner Russ Weene each submitted deigns
selected as notable entrants in the
magazine “Design Challenge III”
Island Trail 22
, by Kurt A. Cerny